How to Fitbit Setup

I'm going to go ahead and show you how to set up the Fitbit app. If you have just purchased a Fitbit one or a Fitbit force or flex or even the zip or something like that, I will go ahead and show you how to set that up.


Download and install the app

First, you're going to go to the app store, search for Fitbit, download it, the app is going to look just like this. Now you can download other apps that will work with your Fitbit like RunKeeper and things like that, but I still recommend downloading the Fitbit app and always having that on there, running at all times as well. We'll go ahead and launch Fitbit.

As you can tell I already have something set up on here, but if you don't already have something set up it'll come up and it will show you just like this set up a new device. We're on the screen, I am going to set up a Fitbit one.

I'll click one set up your one, let's see here let it load, I'm just going to go ahead and turn on the Fitbit one like it says in the video, hit start, make sure it's nearly there. We do find it, then it says to go into the numbers, it says mine came up with 0 1 1 8, so I'll go ahead and put that on there.


Connecting to Fitbit

Next connecting to Fitbit, and then you can put on here whatever you want it to come up, I'm going to put hi DEP done next, and this is just what it says when you first turn it on, and things like that should little cheesy greeting.

To be honest with you, now you only have that on the one in the force of flex, won't have that, because the Flex obviously it just has the four or five lights or whatever Fitbit 101, see your stats on, go through it out a data, see it tells you that the one here does steps distance floors and calories which is pretty good.

It's better than the Flex because the Flex doesn't actually do the floors, but how important is that? I mean I think it would give you a better calorie count because obviously burn more calories going upstairs and you're just on a flat surface, but it depends on what you're really looking for, done and there we go.


Now my Fitbit one is all linked up here, we'll go to my dashboard, there you go, see it says that I've done five thousand one hundred thirteen steps today. We're there now, it's actually updated, I have also. When you have an update for your device it's going to come up right here with this little arrow. You just press that to update, it could take five to ten minutes, so there you go.

It's okay to leave the app so I'm not going to do that right now. If you have any questions on how to set up your Fitbit device or anything like that please hit me up at the dust and debt you can hit us up on Facebook Twitter Google+.

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