Visit Http Www Fitbit com Scale Setup Start

Let's talk about the Fitbit com scale setup start this time. Fitbit scale is not only a scale for measuring weight, but also for measuring the percentage of weight that is body fat. What do you think? It is the good function practical of Fitbit!


Www Fitbit Com Scale Setup Start

And Fitbit also has very important monitoring of weight loss. Of course, the most important thing to lose weight is to make sure you are losing weight, not muscles. Do you usually pay attention to this indicator? Let's follow the below steps and let us show you how to do this.

How To Set Up Fitbit Scale

  1. The first step is to get the free Fitbit app from the App Store.

  2. Do you have an account at If you do not then that will be the next step.

  3. Now go to on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

  4. Click on the Get Started button. This will bring up a pop-up message. Click on the Get Started button from the options shown.

  5. Now log in to your account by entering your email address and password.

  6. Choose a name for your scale. Then enter your initials.

  7. Now remove the battery from your scale and wait 10 seconds before putting it back in. This will put the scale into Setup Mode. Click on the Continue button when you see 'SETUP ACTIVE' on the scale’s display.

  8. Now you need to join the Fitbit scale Wi-Fi network. Go to Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone or tablet and select Aria from the list of available networks.

  9. Go back to your browser and click on the I’m Connected button. A list of available networks will be displayed.

  10. Find your home wireless network and click to choose it.

  11. Enter the password to join your home wireless network and click on the Submit button.

  12. Look at your scale display and wait for it to display a checkmark. Now that your Fitbit scale is connected to the Wi-Fi network, it's convenient to start tracking your weight.

Fitbit Scale How To Use

Fitbit is an example of smart devices that can monitor the distribution of fat and muscles in your body. The Fitbit scale measures not only your weight but also your percentage of body fat. Don't eat too much, don't drink too much, stand barefoot, Fitbit scale will show your weight, then your body fat percentage. When finished, the Aria scale will display a checkmark. It's smart.

These reports are then wirelessly transferred over the home Wi-Fi network to your smartphone, tablet or computer's Fitbit application. The premise is to make sure that you have Fitbit applications installed on your smart device first.

More humanized, if you have a Fitbit official website user account, the report data will also be automatically transferred into the Fitbit account on the Fitbit website. You can log-in at any time to see your data. It's convenient for you to view via various intelligent devices at any time.

How Do You Use A Fitbit Zip

In order to serve users more conveniently and query records at any time, Fitbit scale and Fitbit zipper are wirelessly synchronized with the Fitbit dashboard to show your progress. All Fitbit data is displayed in an easy to read display.

Good luck.

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