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Fitbit Charge HR Unboxing and Setup

Fitbit Charge HR Unboxing and Setup

The Fitbit HR is fitbit's latest fitness tracker, with the main feature. Being the always-on heart rate sensor to track your daily activity and workouts. This is land our videos and in this video, we're going to be unboxing and setting up.

The brand new Fitbit take a look at the box, on the front, we get some information about the different features. So, the heart rate sensor that's always on it, can track your workouts sleep quality and can sync wirelessly, as well as, giving you cool notifications. This is the large size, the next part of the box gives us a sizing tool and the back tells us more about each the features. For example, the continuous heart rate sensor, the workouts, the sleep that can be monitored.

It's just cutting off the top. I'll speed this part up for you quite messy packaging ready. But, pulling off the top where it reveals the actual watch itself. In its little holder, we'll put that aside and look at what else we is included with the box. We get an extra box which includes a few other things. We get a quick start guide which tells us, to go to the website and it tells us what to do to set up the watch. We'll be using this in a few minutes, we get some warranty information and safety instructions.

There's a lot of writing on this, but it could come in useful. We also get a charging and syncing cable which has quite an odd connector. I say, I'm surprised Fitbit and go for the usual micro USB. But, this looks fine, it goes to the other end is a USB pull. We also get a wireless dongle. So, this can be used when you want to sync your Fitbit. And we transfer the information to your computer, take a look at the actual watch itself. It looks very nice compared to the previous generations. This new pattern looks much better in my opinion and it is very thin. We can see the new Fitbit band which is more like a conventional watch band, and it is very light much lighter than a normal watch.

So, taking a look at the bottom, we have the optical heart rate sensor which is on all the time and at the top, we have the charging port. So, I'll just pick up the cable for you. So, that connector goes in just like that and it clips in app. I'm in the Google Playstore at the moment, and you just search Fitbit and it's the first step that comes up. So, I'll just install that and we can set up the watch. I'll just be the split up for you. So, opening the watch, it gives you a permission request.

First of all, you just need to say ok to that and now it's time to set it up. Just carry on read the information on the screen. So, asking us to power up the charge HR. So, we need to keep down the home button for 3 seconds and the teams, they found the watch. So the next step, we need to put in the number on the screen. This is just to make sure that it's the same device, and not someone else's, just connecting to the watch via bluetooth. I'll just be the spit up for you as you can, see the heart rate sensors are on and they're continuously flashing. So now, it's completed. 

There will be a software update. So, this might take 10 minutes. So, I'll just speed this bit up for you. So now, it's asking us to put it on our wrist and when meant to that gives us a measurement as to where on your wrist, it should go and to keep it clean and dry. So now, it's giving us a bit quick guide to what to do, just to press the button to go through all the functions. So, there's the time first of all and step. 

So far, obviously, I haven't used it. So and tells us about goals, you can set. So that's it, it's all been set up, we're just going to run through the app and what it can do. It's asking us about cool notifications. So here, on the dashboard, it gives us information about including what I've put in. So, I have put in weight and age and stuff like that. You can also set challenges which looks seem, looks quite fun maybe with friends or something.

You can add friends, you have a Fitbit and you can also message them which I don't really see the point in, but it's just an extra feature really, that's just a preview as to how it turns on lift up your wrist. 

That's it for this video. Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe this is land our videos. I'll speak to you in the next, Wow.