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Fitbit Alta HR Unboxing and Setup

Fitbit Alta HR Unboxing and Setup

All right you guys, this is team Ellison one with the number boxing of the Fitbit Alta HR. I like the, I like the color of it the blue, gray with the shining buckle really is no complaints here. I like everything about it, so far, let's see give you a look here. So, you can take a glimpse of everything closer. 

Alright so now, let's go ahead and remove the usual manuals and other documents that we normally just go to the throw to the side of it. Now all right, so nothing inside up there, we have the usual. You know, inclusions to show you the items that are in the box to download the fitbit alta app. 

All right and all right, so anyway just want you to see everything, there is to see and here is the usual mail. Now, this video isn't what allows me to read it. So, you know moving on, this is actually a charging cable. It can feel it in a plastic bag interesting. So, let's see if we can get this open. All right, so now that we finally got it open which was really tough to do. 

All right, so dysplastic it's absolutely pretty, everything is pretty pretty nicely, see it goes get this off here and let's see the cable the cable as you notice isn't actually that long. So, this is about how long the cable is actually and on the end of it what I'm pressing. There is a button, I want to wet that for it has a button. I don't know, if you guys could see it anyway yeah and it leaves fingerprints on. So, that's why you see me kind of touching on it in the video, because it at least fingerprint. I'm sure, you and also you guys want to know about it. So, it leaves fingerprints on the enclosure of it anyway branches. 

Let's see and this is a close-up view of the actual Fitbit that you're looking at here. I'm going to go ahead and pull this tab off, everything is seriously. So stick together all right, so taking this out inside. In the heart rate, sensor fit in there nicely, I love the way, the heart rate sensor sits inside of the band is fluctuated. It's not beause, you're poking out of the band and I actually like the way. The heart rate sensor look on these. I don't know, if it's just me but the heart rate sensor looks a lot different than it does with the other Fitbit, and the band's it easily claps off.

So, it clamps off and comes back on, it's not hard to take off and tape back on. So, I like it. So far, let's see what we got and that's everything, that's inside of the box. So, we're going to take the box and move it to the side and now we're gonna move on to the actual setup of the Fitbit, which I've done is using my iPhone.

So, give me just a second to get that pull up here. All right, so moving on to the setup together. So, I pulled up on my surface here, the pacific put a desktop version, not going to be using that I'm actually going to be using my iphone 7 plus. So, before moving on to the setup, I'm actually going to go ahead and click sync now to go ahead and sink my device one last time and then I'm gonna have to remove the mobile tracker. So, I don't have any conflicts whenever it comes to setting up my Fitbit, and here I am inside of the setup. I'm selecting the altar HR. I know, it's a little bit blurry, I have a privacy screen protector on my iPhone.

So, you can't see you can barely see it. I would not, I'm moving for I'm clicking agree net and this is basically showing you how to plug here, your charter up to your altar HR. I'm moving on to the setup. Now, it does connect using a four digit code to make sure that they're connected to the ancestors correct Fitbit tracker in case you and your significant other or someone else friends in the house, is setting up a fitbit at the same time. All right, so this is actually going to update the alter a to par. So, that's going to take some time. So, I'm going to actually fast-forward through this process. So, you don't have to sit here for this long waiting and waiting and waiting, process of setting up the Fitbit.

I'll tell you. All right, so moving pretty quick through this part of the setup, the only thing we're doing is going through these couple of clips that I'm going to show you inside of the video. Here of what's going on after the setup has been updated and completed other than that.

This is the end of my video, thank you guys so much for watching the fitbit alta HR unboxing and quick setup. Thank you so much for your time, this is team l21, you guys have a good rest of your day. Wow, I knew that I wouldn't good so good how got you.